Research survey on Asperger’s Syndrome and sleep

Hafifa Habib, a postgraduate student at the University of Derby, has contacted us regarding a research project which she is undertaking as part of her studies. Sleep Scotland is not involved in this research. If you think you might like to participate, please see the details provided below, and follow the link for more information.An investigation to find out the relationship between Asperger’s syndrome in young children and reported sleeping difficulties. Continue reading →

Crossing Countries recruiting!

Crossing Countries, a unique organisation that matches disabled students (travellers) with a travel pal, is looking for new travellers for our 2015 trip to Durban, South Africa. They will support you to raise funds to allow you to go out and volunteer with their partners in Durban. In 2014 their travellers volunteered at crèches, schools, hospitals and Operation Bobbi Bear (a charity aiding sexually abused children). Continue reading →

Crossing Countries – challenging boundaries, changing lives

Crossing Countries is a social enterprise that enables disabled students to have the same overseas volunteering benefits and experiences as non-disabled volunteers.

Crossing Countries works by pairing disabled students (‘Travellers’) with non-disabled ‘Travel Pals’. The team then work together to fundraise for the trip whilst the Travel Pal undergoes training associated with their Traveller’s disability.
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Sleep workshops for parents and carers of children and young adults with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome

In February and March 2015, Sleep Scotland will be holding a series of 10 Parent Workshops, specifically for parents and carers of children or young adults with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome and sleep problems. The workshops are part of a short pilot-project, supported by the Scottish Government Autism Fund, and running until the end of March 2015. Continue reading →