Sleep counselling


Sleep counselling is for parents and carers of children and young people with additional support needs. Sleep counselling is provided by trained professionals, and helps parents and carers by giving them specific, tried and tested behavioural and cognitive techniques to adapt their child's night-time behaviour.

Sleep counselling process

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Sleep counselling is provided by multi-professional teams of sleep counsellors who have been specially trained to work with sleep problems. Families are matched with a local sleep counsellor, who will arrange regular sessions to monitor progress. The first session could take up to 1.5 hours; further sessions will be 40 to 60 minutes; and a home visit will be offered as part of the programme. Families are introduced to various techniques, including behavioural modification, sleep history and sleep diaries. These are used to look at existing sleep problems and improve sleep patterns.

The help and support from day one, the diary and routine structure, plus the explanations, helped me understand and problem-solve myself.

It is not usually necessary to bring your child along to the sessions — the sleep counsellors will meet your child during the home visit. With the family's agreement, information may be forwarded to relevant professionals working with the child, such as the GP, consultant and head teacher.

The aim of the treatment programme is to promote improved sleep patterns. Sleep Scotland may refuse treatment if it considers the programme inappropriate for any child or family. It also disclaims any responsibility for a failure to improve, or any unforeseen circumstances.If, during the course of the sleep counsellor's contact with your child and family, information becomes available which indicates that your child may be at risk of harm, this information will be passed onto the director of Sleep Scotland and the local authority for their consideration.

Sleep counsellors

Sleep Scotland trains sleep counsellors to support parents and carers in managing their children's sleep problems through tried and tested cognitive behavioural techniques. Our sleep counsellors are professionals and volunteers who support families and carers of children with additional support needs. They incorporate sleep counselling into their jobs in health, social work, and education.

The advice given to us by the counsellors worked almost immediately and changed our lives.

We are enormously grateful for the time and dedication of our sleep counsellors, who provide the service in addition to a busy caseload.Some of our sleep counsellors are parents who have been through difficulties themselves, and have been able to resolve them with the help of sleep counselling. Sleep counsellors work on a multi-professional basis. They usually work in pairs, drawn from different professions.

How to register for sleep counselling

calendar-260To register for sleep counselling please follow the link to the see what services are available in your area.

An independent evaluation of sleep counselling is available here.

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