Sound Sleep training

Sound Sleep training for trainers runs over one day and was originally designed for secondary schools as a teaching resource. Since then, however, it has become apparent that the training is relevant to anyone who works with teenagers or young people. This includes professionals working with youth groups, colleges and even some workplaces e.g. those with a high number of apprentices.

Training course objectives

The aims of this training course are as follows:

  • to introduce participants to the physiology of sleep, adolescent sleep and sleep disorders.
  • to give participants an understanding of how to get a good night’s sleep: overview of sleep hygiene theory and putting it into practice.
  • to explain and demonstrate how to use the Sound Sleep teaching pack: aims, objectives and practical examples.
  • to explain how to become a sleep ambassador: planning, implementing and monitoring sleep awareness in schools.

Expected outcomes

At the end of the course participants will have the skills and resources to deliver the following:

  • sleep lessons to young people.
  • training to other professionals, who work with secondary school pupils, to use the teaching resource manual.
  • sleep awareness talks to parents and professionals.

Course fees

The cost of attending this course is £195. This includes the cost of the teachers pack. Early bird and group discounts may apply.

Commissioning local training

As with all Sleep Scotland training, Sound Sleep Training is available for commission. This is suitable for any team who work with groups of mainstream teenagers & young people and who wish to train between 14 and 24 members of staff. This will be the most cost-effective way of training a number of people and we would encourage you to invite other teams in your locality, where appropriate, to share the cost.

For more information, or to request a costing, please contact us at or on 0131 651 1392.

Future courses

 Dates for 2018 are currently being confirmed. Get in touch if you are interested Р0131 651 1392 or


To apply for a course, please complete the application form below and send it to us by post.

Sound Sleep Application Form

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