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If your child is struggling to sleep it can be exhausting for them and for the whole family.


We offer a variety of courses for professionals working with typically developing children and young people and those with additional support needs.


Getting the right amount of sleep is as important as eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

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At this challenging time, sleep support is still available

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Case study

Aaron is 15 years old and has Asperger syndrome. He worked with a teenage sleep counsellor after finding his poor sleep affected his mood, and ability to attend school. In this video, he talks about his experience working with a sleep counsellor and the effect it has had.

Latest news

  • Effects of the coronavirus pandemic on adults’ sleep

    How has the coronavirus pandemic affected our sleep?   If there is any consensus on the pandemic’s effects on sleep across the world, it is that it’s had a profound impact. As there’s evidence for both benefits and detriments, the overview below explores the nature of that impact. While further studies are needed for scientists to say

    28th July 2020
  • Effects of the coronavirus pandemic on youths’ sleep

    We live in unprecedented times. This article explores the importance of sleep for children and teenagers together with some challenges presented to young people by the unique conditions of the coronavirus pandemic. Youths may have trouble with learning and social development if their sleep is inadequate. Sleep deprivation impairs decision making and reduces attention and

    28th July 2020
  • It’s time to wake up

    There have been a lot of articles in the press since the start of the pandemic reporting that people are getting more, but lower quality sleep. While that might be true for some, for millions more the reality has been quite different. As a charity that supports families with their children’s sleep, Sleep Scotland has

    22nd July 2020
  • Head of Service

    Our sister organisation, TEENS+, has a new exiting opportunity.  They are now seeking an individual to join the Senior Management Team, ensuring that we provide high-quality education and social care to our students.  Apply Here  

    15th June 2020

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