Alan Taylor

Alan is a retired senior professional with 18 years’ experience in executive and company director roles in the UK agriculture and foods sector. Strategic planning and execution are among his key skills. His understanding of business financial performance enables him to readily scrutinise evaluate and challenge the value of proposals and activities.

Alan has a proven track record of developing and leading professional teams together with significant experience of corporate governance. He has the ability to step back from day to day activities and review wider strategic objectives.

Alan has a son with special needs who attends Teens+ and he volunteers with the organisation.

Colin Campbell

Colin has been a Company director since 1998 working mainly in the print and design sector and more recently in the fields of digital marketing, animation and eLearning.

For the last 10 years, Colin has been Managing Director of a creative agency based in Edinburgh. Over that period, clients have included several larger charities where Colin has supported by creating awareness campaigns and fundraising collateral.

Colin has extensive experience in managing projects with complex, technically demanding and budget sensitive delivery requirements. Another key area of expertise is in staff training and development.

Colin has twin daughters, both of whom have learning disabilities and are on the Autistic spectrum. They are both students at Teens+.

Colin began volunteering with Teens+ in 2017 to provide technical support on IT projects and was subsequently asked to join the Board of Sleep Scotland in 2018.

Enrique Elliott

Enrique (Rick) is a Chartered Surveyor who has delivered a wide range of residential and mixed-use property developments throughout the UK including several Grade II-listed developments. He has set up and supervised internal and external teams of experts and professionals and managed the whole development process from site acquisition and planning, through to marketing and sales.

He has had experience at Board level in both public and private companies for over 25 years and has provided management and strategic advice to two NHS GP practices and supervised their merger.

Kirsty Low


Richard Stark

Business Director with a firm of solicitors specializing in Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety. Richard has experience in Leadership & Management, Strategy, Return on Investment, Customer Relationship Management and in providing HR and H&S solutions to all types of businesses.