Our vision is that all families of children and young people with severe sleep problems, including those with additional support needs, can be helped to achieve a qualitative improvement in the whole family’s life, and that this service should be provided in partnership with the statutory sector.

Our aims

  • To improve the quality of life for families of children with additional support needs and who have sleep problems by providing the most appropriate intervention
  • To increase the choices of children and young people to reach their potential
  • To raise the awareness of the impact of sleep deprivation on the health and wellbeing of families nationwide

Our services

To deliver these aims, we provide the following services.

  • Sleep counselling
    Sleep counsellors work with parents, carers and other professionals to examine current sleep patterns and problems and implement behavioural and cognitive techniques.
  • Sleep counsellor training
    An intensive five day course, which examines the processes of sleep and different types of sleep disorders. Cognitive and behavioural analyses show how children with additional support needs develop poor sleep patterns. In conjunction with parents and carers, a range of specially adapted techniques are tried to improve the child’s sleep patterns.
  • Sleep awareness training
    A two day course, which enables professionals to support families by giving advice on sleep hygiene. As sleep support workers, delegates who attend this course will be able to offer support to mainstream children while complex cases will need to be referred to a fully trained sleep counsellor.
  • Sound Sleep
    An education programme that raises awareness among children and young people in schools of the importance of sleep for their health and wellbeing, and helps them implement positive sleep habits in their routines. Launched in 2011 throughout the UK, Sound Sleep consists of a training day and teaching resource manual for professionals working in primary or secondary schools.
  • Support Line service
    An information and help line for parents, carers and other family members of children and young people aged 18 months to 18 years, as well as young people themselves.

Our values

  • Dignity and Respect – We believe all people are deserving of dignity and respect and we are enriched through our differences
  • Nurture– We believe every person has potential unique to them and that they should be recognised, nurtured, celebrated
  • Compassion– We believe that everyone is deserving of compassion and we strive to create a caring and empathetic environment for all.
  • Resilience- We believe that flexibility, confidence, and knowledge can turn challenges into opportunities
  • Collaboration- We believe that communication through working together and actively listening will promote the success of all involved in our organisation
  • Humour- We believe that great things can be achieved in a friendly environment where we see happy families, hear laughter, and have fun.
  • Reflective- We believe that be reflecting on our professional practice, through honest evaluation and be sharing experiences we will continually improve and grow our services.