Photo of Jane

Jane Ansell BSc, MA, CQSW, MBPsS
CEO of Sleep Scotland & TEENS+

Jane founded Sleep Scotland in 1998, and has continued to develop and extend the sleep counselling service offered to children with additional support needs and their families. She works closely with the Scottish Government, local authorities and other professional bodies to raise the profile of sleep issues in general and the impact sleep deprivation can have on families.

She is an experienced sleep counsellor and lecturer with 25 years’ experience in cognitive and behavioural work. In 2006, she developed TEENS+, a post-school transitional education programme for young people with complex support needs. Jane has a degree in psychology and a masters in social policy. From 1992 to 1998, she ran the Professional Development Unit in the Department Of Continuing Education at the University Of Edinburgh. She has also worked as a social worker, community worker, lecturer and manager in adult education. Since 2012, Jane has been also been teaching in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She is a parent of four, one of whom has complex support needs.

Photo of Karen

Karen Jenkinson
Sleep Services Director

Karen joined Sleep Scotland in 2006 and, following a period as the training manager, is now the Sleep Services Director. In her role, Karen is aiming to support the delivery of sleep counselling services to families, as well as coordinate support to the many sleep counsellors. She also plans, develops and promotes all of the Sleep Scotland training, and deputises for the CEO when required.

Previously, Karen worked in the financial sector in a variety of management roles, including international banking, human resources and marketing. She has an extensive background of voluntary work with children and adults with additional support needs.

Photo of Alyson

Alyson O’Brien
Sleep Support Manager

Alyson worked for Sleep Scotland as part of the training team in 2012/13 and returned on a temporary basis before joining us permanently in January 2018. She co-ordinates support to sleep counsellors, as well as managing the Sleep Support phone line.

Alyson has experience in both the voluntary and higher education sectors. Alyson returned to Sleep Scotland after working in a number of roles supporting disabled students at the University of Cambridge.

Photo of Laura

Laura Mulholland
Sleep Counselling Administrator

Laura joined Sleep Scotland in April 2015 as the Sleep Services Administrator, providing information and support to families, professionals and sleep counsellors.

Laura graduated in 2014 with a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science from the University of Portsmouth. Prior to that, she worked in the Scottish Government for over 10 years in a number of roles, most latterly in Children and Families.

Photo of Val

Val Taylor
HR Administrative Assistant

Val joined Sleep Scotland in May 2016. She has working in Human Resources within the Third Sector since 2001. She lived in South Africa for 25 years where, along with her husband, ran a mobile equipment training company. In 2001 she moved back to Scotland with her family to help support a new church that started in Edinburgh.


David Nicholson
IT Officer

David joined Sleep Scotland in November 2011. Starting as the web developer for a short-term project, he now provides IT support to the organisation.

Previously, David graduated in software engineering (BEng Hons) at the University Of Edinburgh.