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Our board

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the strategic management of Sleep Scotland.

The Board meets at least six times a year and is appointed by its members. The Board is advised by an expert committee in finance and audit, and by invited experts as needed.

All our trustees, committee and advisory board members are unpaid volunteers.

Chair of the board

Chair of the Board – vacant


Kirsty Low

Board Treasurer

Kirsty is a qualified certified chartered accountant working for a global accountancy practice in Edinburgh. She works in their restructuring advisory department working with clients and lenders undertaking business reviews, including cash flow forecasts, evaluation of funding requirements and cost saving measures.  In recent times working largely with retail groups during planned restructures and turnaround scenarios.

As Treasurer, she assists the board with discharging their governance obligations and works with the finance committee to safeguard the organisation’s finances. The finance committee work with the CEO and the senior management team with financial planning and budgeting and financial reporting.

Kirsty joined the board in July 2018 as she was keen to support the organisation.

Colin Campbell

Board Trustee

Colin has been a Company director since 1998 working mainly in the print and design sector and more recently in the fields of digital marketing, animation and eLearning.

For the last 10 years, Colin has been Managing Director of a creative agency based in Edinburgh. Over that period, clients have included several larger charities where Colin has supported by creating awareness campaigns and fundraising collateral.

Colin has extensive experience in managing projects with complex, technically demanding and budget sensitive delivery requirements. Another key area of expertise is in staff training and development.

Colin has twin daughters, both of whom have learning disabilities and are on the Autistic spectrum. They are both students at Teens+.

Colin began volunteering with Teens+ in 2017 to provide technical support on IT projects and was subsequently asked to join the Board of Sleep Scotland in 2018.

Richard Stark

Board Trustee

Richard is Business Director with a firm of solicitors specializing in Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety. He has experience in Leadership & Management, Strategy, Return on Investment, Customer Relationship Management and in providing HR and health and safety solutions to all types of businesses.

Richard has always had an interest in supporting healthy living in children and young people, which led him to joining the Sleep Scotland board. He is dad to twin boys and understands how essential sleep is to health and well-being, alongside good diet and plenty of exercise.

Alan Taylor

Board Trustee

Alan joined the Board in March 2016 and sits on the Finance Committee. He is in his second term having been reappointed in September 2019. He is an experienced executive and company director following a career in the UK agriculture and foods sector. Strategic planning and execution are among his key skills and his understanding of business financial performance enables him to readily scrutinise, evaluate and challenged the value of proposals and activities. He has significant experience of corporate governance and the ability to step back from day to day activities and review wider strategic objectives.

Alan has first hand experience of the valuable work of Teens+ and of the enthusiastic, skilled and caring staff. He is passionate about the charity reaching as many individuals and families who are in need as possible and joined the Sleep Scotland Board to help focus on the bigger picture as well as ensuring the charity is run efficiently and effectively.



Board Trustee

We have an open vacancy for a board trustee. Please contact us if you would be interested in learning more about this position.

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