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I can’t thank you enough for the transformation in my daughter and our family life.

Our vision is that all families of children and young people with sleep problems, including those with additional support needs, can be helped to achieve a qualitative improvement in the whole family’s life, and that this service should be provided in partnership with the statutory sector.

Our values

Dignity and Respect

We believe all people are deserving of dignity and respect and we are enriched through our differences


We believe every person has potential unique to them and that they should be recognised, nurtured, celebrated


We believe that everyone is deserving of compassion and we strive to create a caring and empathetic environment for all


We believe that flexibility, confidence, and knowledge can turn challenges into opportunities


We believe that communication through working together and actively listening will promote the success of all involved in our organisation


We believe that by reflecting on our professional practice, through honest evaluation and by sharing experiences we will continually improve and grow our services


We believe that great things can be achieved in a friendly environment where we see happy families, hear laughter, and have fun

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Get in touch to find out more about the services, information and support we offer.