Sam Danzig volunteered with us in May 2014

My time at Sleep Scotland has been eye-opening and extremely rewarding. I was able to consolidate a broad range of CV- friendly administrative skills (think drawing reports on Word and skilling up on Excel and Access), whilst gaining a unique and often moving insight into the lives of families trying to cope with the distressing task of raising children with serious sleep disturbances. I felt welcomed and supported at all times, quickly getting to know all the staff members and feeling entrusted with tasks with the same respect and professionalism that was afforded to everyone. My ideas were taken on board, and I was interacting with senior managers on a daily basis. This is an organisation where everyone is working together and the atmosphere was consistently extremely friendly.

I would recommend Sleep Scotland’s volunteer placements for anyone…

At Sleep Scotland there is a bridge made between the academic world of sleep psychology and the clinical and very human world of their sleep counselling programs. I felt truly initiated into these worlds during my placement, learning a huge amount by osmosis as my relationship with the organisation deepened. I happened to be working several days a week, but I heard volunteers who came in for only one afternoon a week mention similar things.

I would recommend Sleep Scotland’s volunteer placements for anyone with an interest in clinical psychology, social or family dynamics, or simply anyone looking to get experience in a third sector office environment whilst helping an organisation who are doing so much good for families across Scotland.