Sleep Awareness Training – November 2019 – Glasgow

Sleep Scotland now offers a two day sleep awareness course, which enables professionals to support families by giving advice on sleep hygiene. As sleep support workers, delegates who attend this course will be able to offer support to mainstream children while complex cases will need to be referred to a fully trained sleep counsellor.

The aims of the course are as follows:

  • to give participants a good knowledge of sleep hygiene and sleep processes.
  • to gain an introduction to the principles of cognitive behavioural management.

Cost: £250 (inc. VAT)

This course will be held on 11th & 12th November 2019 in Glasgow.

To apply, please follow this link:

Sleep Counsellor Training – Glasgow October 2019

This is an in-depth course for professionals working with children with additional support needs and sleep problems.


The course will provide delegates with:
  • a comprehensive knowledge of sleep processes
  • an understanding of the psychology and physiology of sleep particularly for those with additional support needs
  • the cognitive and behavioural principles and techniques available to manage the sleep problems of children and young people with additional support needs
  • information on how to set up and run a sleep counselling service

£790 for delegates working in Scotland.
£990 for delegates working outwith Scotland (due to funding received from the Scottish Government).

The course will be held in Glasgow on 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th October with a follow up day TBC. To apply, please follow this link:

We will also be holding a Sleep Counselling course in Edinburgh in February 2020. Applications now open here:

1 Day ‘Sound Sleep’ Training for schools

Sound Sleep is an education programme for children that raises awareness of the importance of sleep for health and wellbeing and helps individuals to adopt positive sleep habits into their daily routines. The one day ‘train the trainer’ course for professionals working with children in education will provide delegates with an introduction to the physiology of sleep and sleep disorders, an understanding of how to get a good night’s sleep and an overview of sleep hygiene theory and putting it in to practice. There is also an introduction to the Sound Sleep manual – a unique teaching resource providing you with everything you need to run sleep lessons across your school.

Sound Sleep for Secondary Schools – Edinburgh, 5th December 2019

 Cost: £195 (including VAT)   Apply online at:

Sound Sleep for Primary Schools – Dumfries & Galloway, 4th February 2020

Cost: £195 (including VAT)   Apply online at:

Sound Sleep for Secondary Schools – Glasgow, 17th March 2020

Cost: £195 (including VAT)   Apply online at: