In 2012 Sleep Scotland began piloting a new model for rolling out the Sound Sleep programme within High Schools. The model involves a Sound Sleep Ambassador (a teacher, school nurse, parent volunteer etc.) from the school along with a group of S6 pupils.

New for 2018/19 – Sleep Scotland has developed a new model for primary schools, linking schools with mentors in local secondary schools. Further detail to follow shortly.

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Key aims of the model

  • To raise awareness of the importance of sleep
  • To raise the level of knowledge on sleep
  • To help pupils who are experiencing problems with their sleep

Sound Sleep Ambassador

  • A teacher, school nurse, parent volunteer etc.
  • Trained by Sleep Scotland on Sound Sleep (and ideally, Sleep Counselling)
  • Trains and supports the S6 Mentors following a structured Sound Sleep Mentor Training Programme
  • Works with the PSE teachers to deliver the Sound Sleep lessons as part of the Curriculum for Excellence
  • Works with the Pupil Support Team to facilitate meetings with pupils requiring Sleep Guidance or Sleep Counselling
  • Works with Head/Deputy Head Teacher and Parent Council to raise awareness of sleep within the school
  • Offers a Sleep Counselling service to pupils with more complex sleep issues

Sound Sleep Mentors

  • Recognised throughout the school as ‘experts’ on sleep
  • Raising awareness of the importance of sleep through advertising campaigns, drop in sessions and assembly presentations within the school
  • Offers information, advice and Sleep Guidance to students who have been ‘referred’ due to sleep issues
  • Refer complex cases to their Sound Sleep Ambassador
  • Represent the school’s Sound Sleep team at Parent’s Evenings, Curriculum Evenings and other events
  • Assist in the delivery of Sound Sleep lessons across all years as part of the Curriculum for Excellence

Helping Pupils Experiencing Sleep Problems

  • Pupils can self-refer or be referred by a teacher or parent
  • Referral form available on school website, from any Sleep Mentor or from the Pupil Support Team
  • A Sleep Mentor will meet with the pupil and go through the Sound Sleep Questionnaire, offer basic information and guidance then ask for Sleep Diaries to be completed over a 2 week period. If it’s a complex case they will refer the case on to the Sound Sleep Ambassador.
  • The Sleep Mentor will prepare a Sleep Guidance Programme for the pupil and continue meeting with them to support them until their issue is resolved.