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The team have been excellent. The advice was tailored to our needs and the team really listened and supported us through a challenging period for both our wee boy and us as parents who were getting such a lack of sleep. Thank you!

With the family’s agreement, information may be forwarded to relevant professionals working with the child, such as the GP, social worker, or head teacher.

The aim of the sleep intervention is to promote improved sleep patterns.

Sleep Scotland may suggest delaying the start of an intervention if it considers the programme inappropriate for any child or family. This includes, but is not limited to, medical issues that need to be investigated. It also disclaims any responsibility for a failure to improve, or any unforeseen circumstances.

If, during the course of the sleep counsellor’s contact with your child and family, information becomes available which indicates that your child may be at risk of harm, this information will be passed on to the designated child protection lead, in line with their own organisation’s policies.

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