What if I don’t fit the criteria?

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Don’t fit our criteria? Here are some other sources of support.

There are sleep counsellors trained by Sleep Scotland working face to face in some of these areas, too. To find out if there is a sleep counsellor near you, check our service map

We are not able to offer support with babies younger than 18 months.

  • BASIS – Baby Sleep Information Source have useful information on what to expect in your baby’s sleep, and infant sleep safety.
  • CRY-SIS runs a helpline 7 days a week from 9 am until 10 pm. You’ll find further information and advice on their website.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer sleep support to adults. Your GP should be able to provide advice.

The Sleep Council has information on good sleep hygiene for adults on their website, including shift workers, over 55s, and travellers suffering from jetlag.

Let’s Talk Menopause covers sleep as part of their wellbeing section.

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