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Check our map of services to find out if there is a sleep counsellor working in your area.


Included in each entry, you’ll find the referral criteria for the service. Please check these criteria carefully to make sure you are eligible before contacting the service. The drop-down link in each entry provides information on the type of sleep support the service provides, and how families or professionals can request a referral.

If you don’t fit the referral criteria for any of the services listed in your area, please check our list of alternative sources of support.

Please note that we do not inspect the services listed. For more information regarding this, please view our sleep services directory disclaimer.

We’re working hard to train sleep counsellors in as many areas as possible, but as we’re not a statutory service we don’t currently have sleep counsellors working in every area. You can find out whether there is a Sleep Scotland sleep counsellor working face to face with families in your area by looking at our service map.

We are currently receiving funding from Edinburgh City and East Dunbartonshire councils to offer our services directly. We invite families in these areas to self-refer for sleep counselling, a service for children and young adults with additional support needs, using our referral form

Parents/carers of children living in Scotland who do not have a diagnosed additional support need can access advice through our Sleep Support Line.

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