Paediatric Sleep Study Day


Sleep Scotland’s Paediatric Sleep Study Day is a one-day course providing senior health professionals with a better understanding of the sleep problems faced by both typically developing children and young people, and those with additional support needs, and how to offer the best advice.


Who can apply?

Paediatricians, GPs, psychologists, senior nurses and other senior health professionals who work with children or young people with additional support needs.

What are the objectives and outcomes of the Paediatric Sleep Study Day?

The aims of the course are as follows:

To give participants a good knowledge of sleep processes and the importance of sleep in developing children, with a focus on ADHD and Autism.

To enable participants to recognise many of the causes of poor sleep in children with additional support needs.

To support participants to be able to offer support and advice.

Course fees

The cost of attending this 1-day training course is

Paediatrician/GP/Consultant: £175

AHP/Nurse: £100

Medical Student: £50

Can I commission a local training course?

As with all Sleep Scotland training, the Paediatric Sleep Study Day is available for commission. This training day is suitable for any team of Senior Health Professionals with an interest in paediatric sleep and who wish to train up to 50 members of staff. This will be the most cost-effective way of training a number of people and we would encourage you to invite other teams in your locality, where appropriate, to share the cost.