Sound Sleep


Sound Sleep is Sleep Scotland’s training day and teaching resource pack for professionals working with school-aged children and teenagers, to raise awareness of the importance of sleep for emotional and physical wellbeing.


Who can apply?

Sound Sleep training is relevant to anyone working with school-aged children and teenagers or young people. This includes schools, and professionals working with youth groups, colleges and even some workplaces e.g. those with a high number of apprentices.

What are the objectives of the Sound Sleep training course?

The aims of this training course are as follows:

to introduce participants to the physiology of sleep, adolescent sleep and sleep disorders.

to give participants an understanding of how to get a good night’s sleep: an overview of sleep hygiene theory and putting it into practice.

to explain and demonstrate how to use the Sound Sleep teaching resourcepack: aims, objectives and practical examples.

to explain how to become a sleep ambassador: planning, implementing and monitoring sleep awareness in schools.

What are the expected outcomes of the Sound Sleep training course?

At the end of the course participants will have the skills and resources to deliver the following:

sleep lessons to children and young people.

training to other professionals, who work with primary or secondary school pupils, to use the teaching resource pack.

sleep awareness talks to parents and professionals.

Course fees

The cost of attending this course is £195 (including VAT). This includes the cost of the teachers’ resource pack.