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Lots of useful and practical information. Very well pitched. Presenters were respectful of our existing knowledge but added to it extremely well.

Sleep Scotland offers a half day online Introduction to Sleep Hygiene course, equipping professionals with the skills to advise families, carers, children & young people on basic sleep hygiene. As Sleep Assistants, delegates who attend this course will be able to offer simple advice to children with sleep hygiene issues, while referring complex cases and children needing full assessments to a fully trained sleep counsellor or sleep advisor.

Further information

View a sample programme for the Intro to Sleep Hygiene training course.

You can also visit our Trainer Profiles page for a list of the experts who present these courses.

How do I apply?

To apply for a course, please complete the online application form for your chosen course on our Upcoming training dates page. Contact the training team at if you require this form in an alternative format.

Who can apply?

Professionals working with typically developing children.

Professionals working with children with additional support needs alongside a colleague who is a trained sleep counsellor.

What are the objectives of the Introduction to Sleep Hygiene training course?

The aims of the course are as follows:

  • To provide participants with a good knowledge of sleep hygiene and sleep processes. 
  • To introduce them to the principles of cognitive behavioural management and how to apply those principles to children’s and young people’s sleep problems. 

What are the expected outcomes of the Introduction to Sleep Hygiene training course?

  • Families with typically developing children will receive advice in order to establish a good night time routine. 
  • Delegates will provide information to families using their knowledge of physiology of sleep and good practices taught on the course. 
  • Sleep hygiene training does not prepare delegates to run a sleep clinic, or support families with children and young people with additional support needs. 

Course fees

The cost of attending this course is £120 (including VAT).

Can I commission a local training course?

As with all Sleep Scotland training, Introduction to Sleep Hygiene Training is available for commission. This is suitable for any team in Health, Education, Social Work or the Voluntary Sector who wish to train between 12 and 24 members of staff. This will be the most cost-effective way of training a number of people and we would encourage you to invite other teams in your locality, where appropriate, to share the cost. Sleep Hygiene Training can only be commissioned as part of the two-tier model whereby a small number of people attend Sleep Awareness or Sleep Counsellor Training. This will ensure that all parents are able to access the level of support required.

For more information, or to request a costing, please contact us at or on 0131 258 1258.

When is the next course near me?

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