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"Sleep Scotland training was very beneficial and useful for my practice. It has made me more aware around the issues with poor sleep and has helped me to explore this more in paediatric consultations. I would highly recommend this training"

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You can find out more about Sleep Scotland’s cognitive and behavioural approach and why sleep matters in the Support section of our website.

Sleep is a huge issue for many children and young people, with consequences for physical and mental health, behaviour, school attendance, and learning.

We know that a child’s sleep problems often also affects the physical and mental wellbeing of siblings and carers, and their ability to work and live their lives to their full potential.

Sleep Scotland provides a range of high quality, dynamic training courses to enable professionals from Education, Health, Social Work or the Voluntary Sector to develop their understanding of sleep processes and the problems which can be encountered by children and young people, particularly those with additional support needs. All our training is based on the success of our tried and tested, cognitive and behavioural strategies.

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